April 3, 2014

Personal Shopping Services... at your DOOR!

So if your even remotely human you have had that moment where someone has invited you out and you would love to go, but the anxiety of having nothing to wear stops you dead in your tracks. In the rare event that this is not you, I would bet my last dollar that it describes someone in your close circle of friends.

Well consider this problem now solved! Now girls everywhere can have a personal shopper that gives styling tips and advice, a dressing room that looks like your room... because it is... and the ability to send back what you don't want and not have to worry about the "we do not accept returns" speech.

Thanks to the wonderful team over at Stitch Fix we can have all of the above and its affordable. You can sign up for this lovely subscription and they send you around 5 items monthly, within a price range that you select, you choose your style profile, so you actually receive clothes that you like, and what you don't like you send back.... no strings attached! Finally girls everywhere can stop worrying about what to wear and move on to other important things... like how to wear your hair. Thank God for progress and Stitch Fix... my world just got a little more amazing.

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