April 25, 2014

Ladies Love Labels

I have been in those all to familiar situations looking for something to wear for an event and find myself frustrated and upset. One of the things that I have built over the years, is my list of go-to labels. I am finally at the point where I know what brands work for me for different looks and events. Do you have a go-to label? If not, maybe it something that you should consider, it makes life a lot easier when it comes down to crunch time. Besides all girls need a little label love!

Here is my go-to list of labels

A Night out on the town: Bailey 44, BCBG

Casual Attire : All Saints, Zara

Luncheon/ Brunch: Ted Baker & French Connection

Evening Events: Stella McCartney & Zac Posen

Business/ Professional Events: Victoria Beckham & BCBG

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