April 4, 2014

DIY grapefruit sugar scrub

I have left the lovely mountain side of Phoenix AZ and made my way into the bitter cold of Wisconsin. While it may be spring in some places… Milwaukee WI is not one of them. The quick change in climate and environment has left my skin dry and rough. My lips, hands and feet are taking the hardest hits.  This DIY grapefruit sugar scrub has helped me heal my busted hands and feet, and made my smoochers ready for smooching. keeping me hopeful for warmer days. This recipe makes enough for your lips, hands and feet… twice. I kept my leftovers in the fridge and repeated after a few days. Now my lippies are happy and my feet no longer tear my sheets. When your a little dry… treat your self to some sugar… sugar scrub that is.


1/4 Grapefruit 
1/2 cup Sugar
1 tbs Honey
1 tsp Olive Oil


Combine the sugar, honey and olive oil into one container. Squeeze the juice from 1 grapefruit wedge into the mixture and stir. The consistency should be grainy and slightly rough. Dip your index finger into the mixture and rub it in small circular motions across both of your lips. Continue rubbing for about 20 seconds making sure not to press too hard, the sugar is grainy enough to exfoliate without added pressure. For your hands and feet put the mixture on liberally and rub it in for around 60 seconds and rinse with warm water. There is no need to wash your hands or feet with soap after this scrub, there is not enough olive oil in the mixture to make it greasy, just enough to moisturize while exfoliating. Enjoy!

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