March 10, 2014

Birkins In Baseball

There is often talk about which sport makes the most money, therefore which athletes make the most money, so on and so forth. So I decided to do a little research. What sparked this you may ask... Well it is spring training in the baseball world which means certain cities are crawling with baseball players and of corse their wives. So I happened to be at an event and was a bit surprised at the number of Hermes Birkin bags in the room. It made me think that while most professional athletes have considerable salaries I would be willing to bet that there are more Birkin's in baseball than any other sport. So I did a little research. In terms of who makes more money, its quite subjective. If your talking yearly salary wages, baseball wins. Looking at the salary per number of games played, football wins. When we look at the highest paid athletes golf takes the green, with race car drivers in the review mirror. If we are talking team payroll, basketball wins and if you look a prize money, poker is all in. All of that being said everyone can be a winner, it just depends on how you look at it. 
So here are the numbers; According to Forbes Magazine on average NBA players make $5.15M per year, MLB players $3.2M per year, NHL players make $2.4M per year and NLF players make $1.9M per year. So thats the background info, now lets make it plain, all of them make a lot of money. 
Now to get to the point, if you look at the numbers it would point to baseball being the leader in Birkin bag market. While NBA players make more money on average per year, there are only around 360-450 players. There are 750 major league baseball players during the regular season. So again looking at the numbers and the number of Birkin bags that I have seen in baseball, I say we win in the MLB. Well, I am very wrong and very glad I didn't bet anyone but myself! All of these stats have left out a very important factor, Soccer, also known as the most popular sport in the world! Also the highest paid sport in the world. Now soccer is not a huge factor when talking about U.S. sports but as a whole they don't take a slice of the pie, they take the whole thing! The highest paying athletic team in the world is FC Barcelona which is paying its athletes on average $8.68M per year. Now that we have a realistic view of the salaries of a few professional athletes lets get down to it, the Birkin. 
The coveted Hermes Birkin bag graces the top of the status list when it comes to hand bags. These little beauties range anywhere from $7,400 to $150,000. The price depends on a few variables; skins, color, hardware and extras. This is a customizable bag for the custom girl. If you want to add diamonds to the hardware of your Birkin, it can be done. Funny enough the Birkin bag is named after the actress/singer Jane Birkin who actually stopped caring them due to the weight once you actually put stuff in them. So after much research I came to a solid conclusion to just what sport carries the most Birkin bags and I was very wrong, it is not baseball at all. Soccer has more Birkin bags per capita than any other sport. The funny thing about this is that Soccer wins solely due to one powerful fashionista. The beautiful fashion power house and mommy mogul Mrs. Victoria Beckham is serious about her Birkins. Her collection is said to house over 100 Birkin bags and is worth an estimated $1.5M. So hands down, this wifie is single handed putting us other wives out of contention in the bag game, but we live to fight another fight. Long live the Birkin… at least until I get one!

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  1. Love the article!! gonna design my bag and put a hefty price on it. lets see how it sells.. 3 snaps