March 14, 2014

A little too much crop in your top?

With crop tops making there way into another season, demand is on high and its seems like gals are adopting this trend ready to bare it all. I am personally a fan of a crop top done right… key words are done right! I love that this trend is not just for girls of a particular size or stature. Every girl can take advantage of this trend, you just have to know which crop is best for your body type. Be the girl that catch eyes because your style is so well done, not the girl who is wearing someone else's style and you can see it from a mile away. Below is a guide to help navigate your way through the crops!

Full Figured Gals

Thin & Tall 

Thin & Short less bustier gals 

Every Girl Can Rock This Crop…Big, Small, Short & Tall

Curvy & Coke Bottle Shapes of All Sizes 

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