March 5, 2014

Better Skin In 10...

Let me start by saying that I am not that girl with amazing, glowing, flawless and worst of all effortless skin. I hate that girl! I am the girl with the kind of skin that has a mind of its own.  I have the kind of skin that changes with the wind. Sometimes its great and sometimes not so much. The great thing is that I have tried almost everything when it comes to skin and I know exactly how to clear it up when it all goes south. When I get a series of breakouts it's usually one of two things; either its that time of month or I have gone astray from my regimen and it's time to get back on track. I have a tried and true course that will get you clearer and smoother skin in 10 days. Follow these 10 steps for the next 10 days and watch your skin transform. Enjoy

1. Wash your sheets.. especially your pillow cases

you never realize how much of what's in your hair (or your husbands) that ends up all over your sheets…

2. Clean those make up brushes

In the hustle & bustle of glaming up we can forget to keep those brushes clean.      Sephora sells an antibacterial everyday brush cleaner that makes the necessary evil easy and fast.

3. Hands OFF

It is so easy to caress your face… especially if its crowded with foreign matter… like pimples. Sometimes they make your face sore or itchy but try your hardest to keep your hands off. If you must touch make sure you wash your hands first.

4. Pump up the H2O

I am not a water enthusiast… it doesn't taste like anything, BUT it's necessary. One thing that has helped me with my water drinking or lack there of is Perrier Slim Cans. This sparkling water comes in a variety of flavors (grapefruit is my fav) and is a great calorie free, sugar free way to help tolerate those 8 glasses a day.

5. Clean your phone

If you think about how many surfaces our phones touch or how many things we touch and then touch our phones its easy to see why we need to keep the celly clean. I have a travel sized bottle of alcohol that I keep in my purse and I clean it every time I think about it.

6. Twice a day keeps the pimples away

It seems elementary but washing twice a day really will help keep the pimples away. Its easy to do on those Sundays that we turn in early, but a little more challenging on a Friday night after a long night out. If you can't bare to wash your face then make sure you have make up remover wipes to hold you over.

7. Stress LESS

I am one of those people that break out when I'm stressed out. Stress shows up in many ways and one of them is on your face. When you find yourself a little stressed treat yourself to a bubble bath and find a way to decompress, your face will thank you.

8. Cut the FAT

Fat and sugar in your diet can really reap havoc of your body, face included. Try to lay off of all the extra greasy and sugary foods, it will make a difference in how your skin looks and how you feel.

9. Clarisonic your way to clean

If you are one of the few people left in the world that have not tried a Clarisonic let me tell you, its worth a try. Washing your face is great but using your hands alone leave so much dirt and make up behind. Use your Clarisonic once a day to wash your cares away.

10. Switch it up

Habit can be our worst enemy sometimes. I find myself using that same lotion that my mother uses, the same soap I've used since I was a kid and the same laundry detergent. Sometimes we get into a facial routine and stay in weather its working or not. There are so many great products out there and changing it up can really do wonders for your skin. My skin easily adjusts to things so I have a few products lines that I go to when I need to change it up. My current regimen includes two kits from Dermalogica; One for adult acne and one for sensitive skin. Ulta is a great place to product shop because they carry multiple great product lines and they have specialists on hand that can guide you.

I have tried many things and this list is my go to when I have a skin emergency or a big event coming up. Try it out for the next 10 days and enjoy the new skin your will be in!






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  2. Dermalogica is adult kit is a great product to treat acne. After reading Mrs. Weeks blog on the product I immediately looked into the product. My face normally breaks out once a month around the time of the month...grrrr. However, I have tried all types of products and nothing really worked. After using Dermalogica for 3 consecutive days I saw results and within two weeks I saw complete results with the entire face. Dermalogica is a MUST for people with acne. But if you are a picker like myself and get black spots I recommend a vitamin C serum to include with the kit (sold seperately). Thanks Tiph for the blog as I am in love with the product and my face feels and looks great!!!!