March 3, 2014

A Little Less Chop In Your Shop?

Every girl has had the "ORIGINAL" nail shop experience. Its usually not authentic if your nail tech doesn't spend 82% of their time speaking in another language and their English is limited to the following questions and or phrases:

-What you like?

-You so pretty!

-You have boyfriend?

In recent years more and more Americanized nail shops have been popping up. They specialize in a more customer friendly experience and try to make your nail appointment a little more luxurious. I love the feeling of my nail tech taking her time and actually talking to me about how to maintain healthy nails while I sip my mango flavored water. I love not being in a salon with 77 other women and not having to wait or be rushed out of my seat to accommodate the next gal. I must say I will never forget the "ORIGINAL" nail shop now referred to as the "CHOP SHOP" experience. I suggest you try out the new trend and if you ever start to miss your OG experience check out the video below… it will fill you with those warm and fuzzy memories while you laugh so hard you cry.

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