March 11, 2014

Trending for Spring

We have talked about the official colors of Spring 2K14, but we only scratched the surface on trends. There were all kinds of fabulousness on the runways, but we all know that not every trend is going to make it's way into our closet. Here are my top 3 trends for Spring

1. 3D Embellishments 
With all of the bling, buttons and bows you can easily make this trend your own!

2. Fabulous Florals
Every style house from Fendi to Forever 21 is embracing all things blooming

3. Fringe Out!
I have seen fringe done so many ways, which is what makes this trend a winner. With minimal effort you can be on trend and totally you. My fav is a long cotton tee with super long fringe. Add some super cute wedges and you will be comfy & cute… always a win!

1 comment:

  1. I'm loving the florals I noticed that everytime i buy patterns that is always floral so I try to stay away but I still can't do it So cute.