November 19, 2014

it's about to get SERIUS

I typically believe in a non violent approach, but this morning I can't help myself. Because we are as close as we are, I will tell you the truth… I want to rip this sweater off of the model and run! I am in LOVE with this Nicholas K Serius sweater. It has all of the necessary items to qualify for an obsession; a plunging neck line, thumb holes, an asymmetrical hem, AND elbow patches! What more could you want! Well, keep me in your prayers because if I see someone in this sweater before I have a chance to get my hands on my own… well…. it might be trouble!

November 17, 2014

The Ferguson's

Congrats to the new MR & MRS Alan Ferguson! Solange Knowles & Alan Ferguson tied the knot this weekend in NOLA and they did it in STYLE! I love that they did not fall into typical wedding tradition, but they kept it totally them. All of the guests were draped in shades of white and they all SERVED! I love all of the details from their wedding, from the beach cruisers they arrived on, to the vintage Creole family photos. Everything about this wedding was totally RIGHT because it was totally THEM!

Get the look for LESS!

The look for LESS...

November 12, 2014


This is what happens when creative geniuses combine their evil powers for good. When Christian Louboutin gets his hands on a french shopping cart, it becomes a thing of pure beauty. This piece is laced with Louboutin's signature details and embellishments, intertwined with the iconic monogram canvas from Louis Vuitton, the collaboration is nothing less than art! 

November 10, 2014

Will you be PACKING your FANNY?

"What goes around comes back around" -unknown. Ladies & Gents I am here to let you know that the fanny pack has made its way back around. The verdict on this one is still out for me, but I must admit that the fanny pack has come back with some serious improvements. I would even go so far as to say… wait for it… that the fanny pack is even stylish. Who would have thought. Will you be packing your fanny?


Get the look for LESS!

The look for LESS…

November 5, 2014

Love Looks Not With the Eyes

I have a slight obsession with things that give you a glimpse into an artist's soul. One of the things that always does that for me is the book collections from artists and designers. The light it sheds on their perspective is breathtaking. I am adding this one to the collection; Love Looks Not With the Eyes - The Work of Alexander McQueen.