September 29, 2014

Sext Education

I haven't decided if this is more funny or scary, but I admit it's a little of both. Technology has taken us to the next level of SEXT Education… yes you read it right not sex… SEXT. There is a whole host of Apps designed to help you talk dirty via text. From Dirty Talk to Texticle, there are a bunch of computers ready to get your evening going for you. I find this laughable, but apparently these apps are quite popular. They send phrases like "I want to lick you from head to toe" to emoji riddled phrases that get a little more visual. Texters beware, sexy just got techy… Literally!

On the RUN

I was sitting on a plane the other day and I read an article that I found quite interesting. More and more couples are deciding to take their love on the run. People are no longer letting careers, cities or the miles in-between, stop their love affairs. I am not sure when the light bulb turned on, but at some point people realized that if they are willing to commute for work, they are willing to commute for love.

I will use myself as an example, I was in a long distance relationship with my then boyfriend, now husband for almost three years before we were married. Twice a month I would take a flight to spend some QT with my beaux, and because his work schedule was a little more intense, he would fly to me about once every 4-5 weeks. Our stays together would be short, sometimes only a day and a half, but it was enough to get our fix and get us through until the next time. One of the great things about a long distance relationship is that you really value and cherish your time together. Often times thoughts of my love, and excitement that I would be seeing him soon would carry me through tough times throughout my work week.

There are many reasons people commute for love; maybe one has a career that requires them to be out of state on assignment, maybe one has a local business that requires staying close to home, or maybe two people are exploring the possibility of long term without making any permanent resident changes. Whatever the reason, more and more people are doing it. Even married people are finding themselves commuting to spend time with their families while their career life lies somewhere else.

Life on the run can be exciting and a way to make your career life and work life work, but it seems to be a short term solution. Being in love is great, but commitment requires so much more. You have to learn each others communication style, their needs and their at home behaviors. These things take time and time spent together. Learning a person requires an investment of so much more than the initial effort to start. It is a life long process because as people grow they change, and as people change they grow. It is a forever process.

As for myself, I am glad that I took my love on the run. My initial investment of late nights and early flights paid off. I was able to spend enough time with my beaux to realize that I could spend forever with him. He was worth the flights, the exhaustion and the fatigue. A few years ago my nights were consumed with late night phone calls and dreams of being together again. These days I spend most of my nights cuddled up next to the love of my life, living and loving every minute of togetherness. So ask yourself, do you want to take your love on the run? It just might be worth it!

September 24, 2014

Dirty? Well clean it up!

How you ask? With PhoneSoap! Phone soap is an all natural, antibacterial touch screen polish that is formulated to kill bacteria and help prevent fingerprints and smudges on your smartphone or tablet.

September 22, 2014

Instead of popping TAGS pop CANS

This metal, glass and pearl broach from Chanel is unbelievably AMAZING! It blends the timeless classiness that Chanel is known for with the art & pop world, paying up the basics. This is nothing less than ART… thus needing to be collected. This is a can I will need no help popping open!

Tom Ford

Tom Ford TF small chain crossbody bag $3970

September 18, 2014

Lets FACE it

I attended a makeup class over the weekend that focused on foundation and application. It was very interesting and informative and the class reinforced some of the things that I already knew, like skincare is essential.  No matter how much makeup you put on or how good you are at it, if your skin is not healthy it is all in vain. One of my biggest takeaways was that there really is such a thing as a "good" makeup brush.

I typically do not use a brush to apply my foundation, I feel like my fingers are the best tool and I use less product. At one point I used a brush and I felt like my application was streaky and I ended up using twice the amount of foundation trying to get it smooth and blended. Well… breaking news… I was using a "bad" brush.

Now let me be honest and say that I thought when people bought expensive brushes they were just paying for the name, no added value. Now let me admit that I was wrong! During my tutorial I was shown a "good" brush and it makes all the difference in the world! Who knew? Well maybe you guys did, but I didn't so I can't possibly be the only one.

I will still be using my fingers to apply BB creams and tinted moisturizers but for medium or full coverage kinda nights, this girl will be bringing out the brush… the "good" one! Let's face it, somethings are worth investing in… our face is one of them!

The "GOOD" brush

September 15, 2014

Takeout anyone?

This bag, Tokyo street style and a blunt cut bob with a bang… YES LAWD!

Kate Spade New York $348

Is there a limit to your love?

I, like many others have a sincere, pure and heartfelt love for shoes, but even I have a limit to my love. The more I think about it, the more I realize that some shoes, while being beautiful and amazingly dope, are TOO MUCH money. Let's be honest, I have many loves... shoes, beauty products, art and the list goes on. Due to the fact that I have a long "love" list, I have set a strict limit to my shoe budget. It gets easy to get caught up in the moment, the occasion, or the trend of the moment, but don't let your love catch you off guard.

For example when I was searching for shoes for my wedding I came across these beautiful Christian Louboutin Daffodile Strass pumps that happen to cost $6,395.

Now I had a large budget for my wedding but there was NO WAY I was willing to pay over $6000 for a shoe that I may wear twice. I have not only a limit, but a HARD limit to the amount I will spend for a single pair of shoes.

I suggest that if you haven't set a limit yet, you work on it. You don't want to get caught off guard and end up with $6000 shoes. In the event that it does happen to you, and you are greatly regretting your decision, AND they happen to be a size 39, I will help you out and pay you a small fraction of what you paid for them to take them off of your hands! Yes, I am that great that I would do that for you, feel free to thank me later.

September 10, 2014

No PICTURES please

If you're going to bring your own camera then you better BRING IT! This Judith Leiber Couture Camera Minaudière is serving FIERCENESS for the paparazzi. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what is the camera worth…PRICELESS!

Judith Leiber Couture Camera Crystal Minaudière $5595

September 5, 2014

Mark & Estel: Fashion is RELIGION

I must admit that I was unfamiliar with Mark and Estel prior to Fashion Week, but they have quickly made a impact on my life, and soon to make an impact in my closet! While watching their collection  of purposefully made fashions grace the runway at NYFW I fell in love and I fell hard! There were some laughable moments, like them rocking it out like washed up 80's superstars, but that collection had me speechless. Okay not speechless because I continuously shouted "YASSSSSSSS"!

Back to School

Moschino is taking prep to the next level with this exaggerated Varsity jacket. Im loving it and they are definitely taking us back to school! 

BCBG Max Azria NYFW 2014

My favorite thing about BCBG's New York Fashion Week 2014 show is the deep side part that the models were sporting. Sleek faux bobs with deep side parts and muted makeup, sign me up! I forecast the side part will be prevalent this fashion week and a staple on the scene this fall.

September 1, 2014

Nothing compliments a woman like The NUDES

Modern Day Multitasking

With the day filled with all of the important things, like monitoring Instagram, Twitter, FitBit activity and Facebook, the time for those mundane things, like work, are really diminishing. Now you can streamline your social life without being constantly attached to your phone.
The Nimbus by Quirky gives you a digital desktop dashboard that is fully customizable and syncs in real time so you have visibility to your digital life without checking your phone every 2.2 seconds.
You can keep a virtual eye on email, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, stocks, FitBit and many more.
Try letting the Nimbus dashboard keep you updated, while allowing you to stay engaged in your daily duties, you know, the ones that actually pay your bills. The world of modern day multitasking just went from good to great.