September 29, 2014

On the RUN

I was sitting on a plane the other day and I read an article that I found quite interesting. More and more couples are deciding to take their love on the run. People are no longer letting careers, cities or the miles in-between, stop their love affairs. I am not sure when the light bulb turned on, but at some point people realized that if they are willing to commute for work, they are willing to commute for love.

I will use myself as an example, I was in a long distance relationship with my then boyfriend, now husband for almost three years before we were married. Twice a month I would take a flight to spend some QT with my beaux, and because his work schedule was a little more intense, he would fly to me about once every 4-5 weeks. Our stays together would be short, sometimes only a day and a half, but it was enough to get our fix and get us through until the next time. One of the great things about a long distance relationship is that you really value and cherish your time together. Often times thoughts of my love, and excitement that I would be seeing him soon would carry me through tough times throughout my work week.

There are many reasons people commute for love; maybe one has a career that requires them to be out of state on assignment, maybe one has a local business that requires staying close to home, or maybe two people are exploring the possibility of long term without making any permanent resident changes. Whatever the reason, more and more people are doing it. Even married people are finding themselves commuting to spend time with their families while their career life lies somewhere else.

Life on the run can be exciting and a way to make your career life and work life work, but it seems to be a short term solution. Being in love is great, but commitment requires so much more. You have to learn each others communication style, their needs and their at home behaviors. These things take time and time spent together. Learning a person requires an investment of so much more than the initial effort to start. It is a life long process because as people grow they change, and as people change they grow. It is a forever process.

As for myself, I am glad that I took my love on the run. My initial investment of late nights and early flights paid off. I was able to spend enough time with my beaux to realize that I could spend forever with him. He was worth the flights, the exhaustion and the fatigue. A few years ago my nights were consumed with late night phone calls and dreams of being together again. These days I spend most of my nights cuddled up next to the love of my life, living and loving every minute of togetherness. So ask yourself, do you want to take your love on the run? It just might be worth it!

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