April 17, 2014

Experiences last FORVER

If you are planning your next vacation and Dubai is not on your list, then you need to rip it up and start over.  Dubai is one of the coolest places that I have ever been. It combines the best of all things that make up a great vacation destination. Dubai is laced with beaches, culture and shopping that will blow your mind. With one of the largest, if not THE largest mall in the world, the shopping in Dubai will change your life. The cleanliness and scenery of the streets are superb and the culture is so interesting and exciting to observe. While on my voyage to Dubai I flew Emirates… a breathtakingly beautiful airline that changed my view of flying… literally. I stayed at the Atlantis The Palm, which came complete with shopping, spa's, nightclubs and fine dining from around the word. I made the most of my trip taking advantage of city tours, visiting the souks, my favorite being the gold souk of course, and shopping until I dropped on most days. This is among my top 5 vacation spots and was worth every penny. Vacations last a week (or two) but experiences last forever!

Emirates Airlines 

Atlantis The Palm

The Desert- CRAZY 4 wheeling 

Amazing Belly Dancer at our Barbecue

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