May 8, 2014

They NAIL'd it!

You guys know that I love a subscription. The only thing better than new goodies, is new goodies that are delivered to your door. Well here is another one, brought to you courtesy of Nail Art Society. Now I am all about all things LUXE, but I really hate paying for things that I can do myself. Every now and then, when I'm in new cities, I check out the hot spots and that may mean treating myself to a super DOPE mani, but I am going postal… let me introduce you to the mail order mani.

There are several nail subscriptions out there; some letting you rent polish for a month, some providing you with the latest polish sets and tools, and my all time favorite… the mani in a box. The Nail Art Society gives you everything you need to take your mani to the next level. They include tutorials, polish and design supplies for you to achieve the look. Plan for your next mani and instead of being the one that goes to it… let it come to you!

Nail Art Society $11.95+shipping 

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