May 8, 2014

Bigger Isn't Always Better

There is a stigma that bigger is always better… well not in this case. The Jackery Mini Portable Charger is packing everything that the big boys are, but in a much smaller, and if I must say so myself, much cuter package. With all of the technology out, we should have no problem staying connected. With all of the chargers, charging stations, mofi's and so on… the "my phone is dying" convo should be obsolete, BUT… it's not.

I don't know everyone else's reason, but I am not a fan of those bulky extra battery cases, and I am not an "I carry an extra charger in my purse" kinda girl. So… when I'm out of juice… its just too bad for me… until now! I have finally found a portable charger that fits into my life… and my purse. This lightweight portable mini charger from Jackery gives me the full charge of those bulky portables, and extra battery cases, without the fuss and… well… ugliness that comes along with them. So bigger is always better… except for when it's not!

Jackery-Ultra $19.95

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