May 26, 2014

Stick it to me!

WARNING: This is going to change your life! For as long as I can remember stickers have been amazing, however; I am no longer overjoyed by the thought of going to the Sanrio store to find Hello Kitty stickers and stationery. I am pleased to announce that I have renewed my sticker love in my adulthood thanks to the Nexcare stickers that deflate bumps overnight… that's right… stickers that erase acne while you sleep!
This is nothing new in the Asia and overseas markets, but now these babies are available in the states. I have an arsenal of blemish bombs in my emergency skin kit, but the thought of traveling with all of that is nowhere near realistic. These stickers are perfect for jet setters and skin junkies alike. Available on you will find these stickers that are designed to reduce inflammation, speed healing, pull that gross stuff out of bumps and deflate them… all while you catch some Zs. Rarely would you catch me saying this, but in this case feel free to STICK IT TO ME! 

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