May 16, 2014

a true MANicure

I am all things FEMME, but the men need a little love too. Hammer & Nails are surely giving them just that! I can attest to driving around to the most random parts of any random town, trying to find a nail shop that my hubby isn't embarrassed to walk into. This is his usual check list: Is it packed? Is it popular? Will people see me in there? Are there TVs?
Now this wouldn't be a problem if I used the same criteria to plan out my nail excursions, but it's not! I want to go to the popular salon, that usually means they are good. I could care less if there is a TV present, I am a magazine kind of girl… AND I think the nail shop is the perfect meeting place… you can catch up on life and make several new friends during a good pedi.
Well finally… all of my MANicure problems have been solved… let me retract…. almost all.
Hammer & Nails is a man's version of a nail salon, and caters to them exclusively. From the decor on down to the list of services and walls lined with flat screen TVs… this is a MANicure done right. The next time you and your beaux are in LA, make sure to treat him to the MANicure of his life!

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