June 2, 2014

Why GO to them, when THEY will COME to you

The world is now more connected than ever which gives us easy access to all things luxe, lav & DOPE. The problem is that there are far less luxe things that consume our days… like work. While I may have more of an untraditional job, that doesn't have a definite title, other than wife and blogger, I still "work" and that "work" seems to always keep me busy.

In between my "working" sessions, the combination of travel and great convo with friends, coupled with my extreme magazine and internet addictions, have led me to discover some amazingly dope stuff. Well here is another, that will help bring a little bit of luxe and a whole lot of GLAM right to my door.

There is a new wave of mobile glam squads that are making some serious house calls. Let me first say that I love making a girls day out of any pamper related services, but my ultimate desire is to have someone bring all of that to me… preferably while I sip a glass of wine in my pj's… besides, why go to them when they can come to you. Now for me, getting all dolled up is the perfect start and finish to my night, but for those nights out on the town, wouldn't a mobile glam squad be the perfect kickoff. 

From coast to coast, beauty house calls are being made for everything from blowouts to braids, makeup to manis, they do it all. Check out some of the apps on iTunes like Topcoat, Priv, Blow Me or Glam Squad the next time your in the big apple, L.A. or San Francisco. I am flying the friendly skies and in need of a mani so I will be trying out Topcoat in SF. Then I'm headed to NYC, so I'll check out the services at PRIV. I'll keep you guys posted on my thoughts and experiences with my new and pre assumed amazing glam squad… but the only thought I have right now is… well...AMAZING! 

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