June 18, 2014

What's YOUR accessory of choice?

These days people put actual work into trying to be different, not really sure why because you are the only you there is. While a simple yet complex thought, I can understand the struggle to be different. I am one of the many that don't necessarily wish to be a clone. Fashion is something that lives and breathes, it changes everyday, and the beauty of it is that things are just that… things, until you make them your own. Many people have the same "things," but if done right, those things become "your" things. This statement holds true in day to day life, but especially true in the eyes of a bride.

Many brides end up wearing the same dress, it's bound to happen, but the way you make it yours is by accessorizing it. You can really have fun and make your dress "yours" with the small things; the shoes, the jewelry, the belt and the hair. All of those things should directly reflect your personality and your style. 

I was not the most traditional bride but I did have a lot of very traditional touches; one of my favorite was the "old, new, borrowed and blue". My something old was my great aunt's vintage watch, my new was my Inbal Dror wedding gown. My borrowed was my beautiful jewelry from my Orlando based jeweler; Bay Hill Jewelers, and my blue was the "I DO" stickers on the bottom of my Giuseppe Zanotti shoes. I also added a Swarovski Crystal embellished belt to my ceremony dress, and had blinged out chuck's as my reception shoes. 

The moral of this story is that other brides may wear my dress or have my shoes, but no other bride will have "MY" ensemble. I suggest that whatever your accessory of choice may be, make it "yours" and you will stand out like any bride should. 

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