June 13, 2014

These Weeks will vaca in style

Since my arrival in the mid 80's I have made claim to the fact that I will never drive a mini van. Okay, maybe I'm pushing it saying the 80's, but you get the point. I always pictured myself way too stylish and furthermore, way too cool for a mini van. Many have told me that I will beg to differ once I have a clan of my own, but I am here, yet again to prove those naysayers wrong. Thanks to the hubby, I have found the WEEKSmobile and it's a far cry from a mini van.

I am proud to announce that we will spend our summer vacations in this decked out bus, (I refuse to call it a van) that is beyond LUXE. It seats 8, has dual refrigerators and has central controls for lighting, shades and TV via your iPad or smartphone. When I have a clan of little Weeks to call my own, I am glad to say that we will be traveling in style via the WEEKSmobile. 

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