February 2, 2015

Im OFFICIALLY a believer

For a few years now my friends have tried to convince me that the YSL Tribute Sandal was the most comfortable shoe ever, and honestly I didn't believe the hype. I believe that fashion is not made to be comfortable but to be FIERCE… but the more I began to think about it, and the older I got, I began to question that philosophy. Why can't my shoes be cat walk worthy and comfortable. I would think that with the price of high end designer shoes sometimes knocking at the door of $2,000 they would find a way to make them just a tad more comfy.

While shopping in San Diego with my good friend (another YSL enthusiast) she did it… she convinced me to not only try on a pair, but to buy them. She guaranteed that I would fall in love. Well… drumroll… she was right! I am officially a believer. The YSL Tribute Sandal is the most comfortable high heel that I own and now I am making it my responsibility to spread the word and own them in every color!

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