October 14, 2014

You may be FLAWLESS… but more often than not, you did NOT wake up like that!

Yes… I am a part of the Beyhive and while I sing FLAWLESS at the top of my lungs on the regular, let's be real, none of us, not even our beloved Beyonce´ woke up like this. The world that we live in makes it totally acceptable for us to cut, paste, pinch and photoshop the REAL us to look like some supermodel glamazon version of ourselves. I am no one to judge, I have spent countless hours of my life trying to get the perfect selfie too, but I have a question for you guys… what do you do when you actually meet your McDreamy and you're not the social media version of yourself that you pretend to be. Or even worse, what do you do when you wake up unexpectedly (even though you know when you're going to stay the night) in Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now's bed? How do you make your real self look like the IG version of yourself when you wake up?

Writing this post makes me thank God that my hubby accepts me and my bed head as we are. I totally own my bed head… and yes, it's serious, but out of control hair and all, I still try to keep it sexy.

I have vowed, by way of the bloggerverse, that I would share my life and my secrets with you guys. I don't have all of the answers, but I do have a few tricks up my sleeve for these situations. Some of them may not apply to you or your specific situation, but hopefully you can put one of these nuggets to use. If you have a "go-to" tip then please share it… let us all in on the secret!

Ways to wake up… FLAWLESS

1. Be you… your inner you is FLAWLESS… even when you wake up! Okay, now that I've got that out I can give you my other tips… because as flawless as we are, we still want to look like Beyonce´ when we wake up!

2. Sleep with a satin pillow case. This will help you maintain your tresses while you sleep. If you're sleeping over, then bring a satin scarf and wake up early enough to take it off before your slumber party buddy arises!

3. Sleep on your back. If you are going to bed with makeup on (which you should never do… but we have all done it) sleep on your back! If you are a side sleeper… suck it up! Put a pillow on the side that you usually sleep on, it will serve as a reminder that you're not supposed to turn over.

4. Keep it cool. The only thing that looks worse than yesterday's hair & makeup is a hot sweaty version of yesterday's hair & makeup! A great investment is a good mattress. A good mattresses will keep your bed from retaining heat and moisture and will help you to wake up looking rested and refreshed instead of hot and humid. There is a new boutique brand of mattresses from the Casper mattress company.  It is said to give you the best nights sleep. Its made of latex and memory foam, which is the perfect recipe for keeping you cool and comfy. If you are in a bind because of your upcoming sleepover (wink wink) and your Casper Mattress  hasn't arrived yet, Brookstone sells a great bed fan. If you don't have time for any of these just make sure the room is really cold… at least 68-70 degrees.

5. WAKE UP! No matter what you do, always get up first and freshen up. Keep feminine wipes, powder, gum and deodorant in your purse. They make all of these items in a travel size so you have no excuses.

Whatever you do to battle morning breath, beat the bed head and keep it cool… make sure it works for you and you own it! Never forget that a real gem will recognize that regardless of how you wake up… you are already FLAWLESS!

(watch this video, you will be in tears)


p.s. check out the Casper Mattress, it really is cool… literally! 

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