August 6, 2014

Plan your perfect VACA

Planning a vacation can be work, hard work if you're not careful. Me and the hubby have developed a system for planning our vacations and it makes the process fun and easy. We break it down into 5 steps and we stick to them.

1. Decide how long your vacation will be
We only have a few weeks that we can travel during the winter that doesn't interfere with all of the baseball weddings,  his training schedule and the holidays. Deciding when and how long is the first thing that we do. If you only have 5 days of vacation time it's in your best interest to spend it wisely.  You don't want to plan a trip to Africa and spend 2 of your 5 days traveling.

2. Come up with a budget
The world of "vacations" has really changed since we were kids. Now you can have flights that offer the services and amenities of a five-star hotel, and go on a Glamping excursion in the middle of the jungle. Imaginations can really go crazy, but keep it all in perspective. It really makes no sense to look at destinations that you cannot afford. Use the "wedding dress" rule... Don't try on something your can't afford to buy. 

3. Pick a theme
Decide wether you want this to be a beach getaway or a cultural experience. You don't want to plan a trip to Rome if you want to spend most of your time laying on the beach. If you wish to do a little of both there are great locations that offer that. We chose to go to Dubai to get the best of both worlds, and boy did we! Other times, like our honeymoon, we just wanted to lay out on the beach so we picked a Caribbean destination with a quiet and secluded resort that was perfect for our beach vaca. 

4. Have each person traveling with you choose two destinations
There are so many really great destinations and it is rare for two people to choose the exact same destination and hotel. If that does happen you just eliminated the need for step 5.

5. Narrow the choices down 
Choose the place that has the better hotel & flight packages, what activities are complementary and what there is to do off of the resort. If you can't come to a decision... Do what we do and draw out of a hat. 

Athens Greece 

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