July 14, 2014

A Man's best friend

Aside from a four legged friend, there is nothing men love more than a WOMAN. Right after women lies SWEATS! If it were up to my hubby he would wear sweats on a daily basis, and I honestly can't blame him. I found the holy grail of sweatpants when I discovered the Rag & Bone Sweat Jeans. Now I have found a stylish yet comfy pair of sweatpants for him, so now we are even. These Helmut Lang jersey drop jogger pants bring a certain edge and style to a sweatpants, making it very appropriate to wear for occasions other than being a couch potato. I have increased my level of amazingness, I won't give my hubby a dog, so I will give him the next best thing… sweatpants. You're welcome!

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